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10 Gift Ideas for Your World Traveller

Happy December 1st!

It’s that time of the year again – time for first snowfalls, delicious Christmas markets, family gatherings, shorter days, and with all that – holiday shopping. I know that sometimes this can be a stressful thing for people… you already have so many things on your to-do list: things to accomplish, events to prepare for, exams to write, targets to hit… trying to think of a unique and special gift can sometimes be the last thing on your mind. Well, I’m here to (hopefully) provide you with some ideas, or at least inspiration, for one type of special person that may be in your life: the traveller.

Seriously, what do you get someone who’s always on the go? Someone who doesn’t have much space for ‘things’ without specific use? Someone who’s always dreaming of their next destination? Well, with a wide price range in mind (including the budget-friendly), here are 10 gift ideas your special little traveller just might love!

Note: All prices have been converted (if necessary) into Canadian dollars, so they are approximate 😊 

1. Waterproof Playing Cards

Image taken from

2. Liquids Travels Bottles - HUMMANGEAR GOTOOB from $8.99 CAD each (range in sizes - packs available)

Image taken from

Not just any plastic dollar store liquids travel bottles though… these GOTOOB bottles are made to last and don’t risk shattering in their luggage/backpack. Squeezable, reusable, and inevitably necessary, this item is both practical and likely to be unexpected but appreciated.

3. Universal Travel Adaptor - $16.99 CAD

It can be so annoying having to purchase adapter after adapter, travelling to different parts of the world. Why not have the convenience of one supercharger that will take care of all their travelling outlet needs? Especially one like this that includes 2 USB ports.

Image taken from

4. Custom Leather Passport Holder - $26.63 CAD

Something personal and practical — Quality leather to keep their most important travel essentials safe and protected. One like this even provides organizing pockets for other goodies they’ll need on the go!

Pro tip: add a nice pen inside so that they’re always ready for passport check! 😉

Image taken from

5. Packing Cubes - $29.56 CAD

For the ultimate guide and assistance in packing organization. A little goes a long way and packing cubes have been known to make the most of little spaces.

Image taken from

6. Phone Battery Case [from] $39.95 CAD (Note: Often other companies go on sale, ex. Anker, Mophie)

A multitasker with their phone? Or perhaps they’re a social media queen/king? Google, text, music, camera, Facebook, Instagram… we rely on our phones for a lot these days, and it can be a nightmare when you’ve got little access to energy sources to keep your device alive. These battery cases are usually good for an extra 100-120% battery life — a sure lifesaver, in more ways than just the battery 😉

Image taken from

7. Portable Speaker - $63.96 0 $129.99 CAD

How great is it to play your favourite tunes on the go?

Image taken from

Click here for this compact Bluetooth speaker that will wirelessly connect to their smart device — dirt-proof, shockproof, and waterproof, you can’t go wrong.

Image taken from

Click here for this clip-on wireless Bluetooth speaker with its own built-in rechargeable battery. Waterproof with 8 hours of audio playback, this is an excellent day-tripper for your busy traveller.

8. Waterproof & Packable Raincoat - $114.25 CAD

This may go without saying, but weather isn’t always perfect when one travels. Unexpected rain and downpours can be inevitable, but when you’re limited for space, packing rain gear isn’t always a priority. These retro blast-from-the-past 80’s K-WAY jackets are the perfect compromise: A lightweight jacket that will keep them dry and also fold up into a nice packable size!

Image taken from
Image taken from

Click here for more

9. Expandable Carry-On Tote - $138 CAD

Who doesn’t come home with a little extra luggage after they’ve been away? Gifts… souvenirs… sometimes you don’t even know how you’ve gone home with more than you came! This bag is not only the appropriate dimensions of a carry-on bag for all airlines (I’m looking at you, budget airlines), it actually gives you an extra 5 inches of depth, if you need it. They can pack their zipped-up bag to go, and then unzip it for the trip home.

Before / After

And finally, the memory for when they’ve come home…

10. Personalized Map - $77 CAD

They’ve come home and the adventure has come to a *brief* pause, but the memory will never fade. A keepsake like this that’s both minimal and trendy, can be the perfect decor and reminder of this time away. Great for their bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere really… this gift will hit them in the soft spot.

Image taken from

Click here to design your own — Select your location, city, region, or country, and let the personalization begin.

And there you have it — 10 gift ideas for your world traveller!

I know there are so many cool ideas that aren’t on this list, but I tried to come up with 10 ideas I don’t always typically see listed online. Do you know someone who would love something on this list? Or maybe there is something you yourself would enjoy (you can use this list as a *hint* for friends and fam 😉)!

Any amazing ideas you’ve seen that I didn’t list here? I’d love to hear them! 

Happy hunting everyone,

Lily x


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