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A Niagara Road Trip with Ford Canada and the New 2019 Ford Escape

“All you need is the perfect song on the perfect drive to make you feel infinite”

— Stephen Chbosky

One of the finer things in life I always enjoy is a good ‘ol fashioned road trip: Good company, good tunes, and the open road – you can’t go wrong! That being said, having a good vehicle doesn’t hurt either…

Taking in the view

Recently, I’ve been trying to take advantage of my weekends by exploring more areas around the Greater Toronto Area with short stint road trips. One of my favourite adventures lately was a weekend spent with my partner in Niagara Falls; A weekend where I was invited by Ford Canada, to “share the love” with my special someone on an expressive getaway (uhmmm, yes pretty please)! During our weekend, Jordan and I were lucky enough to not only enjoy an unforgettable, relaxing, and romantic time away together, but also test out the new 2019 Ford Escape; And, here’s what I have to say about it…

As someone who has driven a Ford Escape (2009) over the last 7 years or so, I’m pretty familiar with the comfort of driving a Ford Canada SUV. However, there were quite a few notable features in the latest edition of this vehicle that not only helped to get us from point A to point B in a comfortable and efficient manner but truly enhanced the overall experience.

2019 Ford Escape

First things first, we looked pretty swanky… sleek and compact, this SUV was the perfect combo of sporty and functional. Aesthetically, I loved the spacious centre console complete with media bin and the large moon roof (AKA Panoramic Vista Roof), which made the vehicle feel incredibly spacious inside, filled with natural light. It was awesome too because our first day was incredibly sunny, and our second was very rainy. It was awesome to experience both the sun and the rain, from every angle around us (including on top), while remaining comfortable and cozy inside.

2019 Ford Escape

From a functional standpoint, I found the SUV drove incredibly smooth. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take full advantage of some of the features, including the Available Enhanced Active Park Assist (yeah… this thing actually helps you park your car, with minimal action on your part), or the Hands-Free, Foot-Activated Liftgate, due to some difficulty nailing down the sensor. This being said, a feature we were extra thankful for, given the freezing temperatures of the weekend, was the heated steering wheel and the heated seats — ain’t nobody got time for cold bums and frigid fingers!

Jordan, myself, and the Falls

It was also helpful having access to fast-charging USB ports that kept our devices fully charged all weekend, which (let’s be real) is pretty essential these days. Another fantastic and practical feature of the vehicle that we enjoyed was the very large dash touchscreen display and its helpful hands-free control. Oh yeah, and also the built-in Waze app… Navigation has, legit, never been easier.

My favourite part about the drive though? The SYNC3 with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, which allowed us to sing along to our favourite Spotify playlists the entire time 🙌.

Spoiled with a prime hotel location

While we had an incredible time exploring Niagara Falls, by day and night, with spectacular views from our stay at the Falls View Hotel, and a ton of fun embracing our inner children with a little (maybe not so?🙊) friendly competition at the Fun Zone, it was extra special being able to enjoy the trip to and from in such style and comfort.

I’m very curious to see what else Ford Canada has up its sleeve, with five new SUVs coming out by 2020!

Never stop exploring,

Lily x

Disclaimer: All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. Although this trip and blog was sponsored by Ford Canada, all opinions are my own.


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