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La Cascata Lake Como: A charming alternative

On my recent trip to Italy, I had the pleasure of staying at a quaint guest house in Nesso, Lake Como — just a 20-minute drive from the ever-popular village of Bellagio. While many tourists leap at the opportunity to spend their time in the beautiful streets that wind through areas of Lake Como like Varenna, Bellagio, and the city of Como itself, it seems that many people miss some of the other hidden gems that line the shores of the Lake.

View from Ponte della Civera

With numerous villages, big and small, and countless hotels, Airbnb’s, and guest houses, it can be difficult to decide where to stay in the area, especially when you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck!

The yummiest pizza on Lake Como!

So, I’ve written this little review with the hopes of providing you with a little extra knowledge of a gem called, “La Cascata Lake Como”: A charming hotel you can find outside of the bustling standard hot spots that will still provide you proper access to the surrounding villages (plus breathtaking views)! Shall we?…



La Cascata Lake Como is located in the village of Nesso. It is approximately 16 km away from the city of Como and easily accessible by both ferry and bus from the main station. The bus will be a bit quicker, and cheaper, but be wary – you could blink and miss this cute little spot! The hotel is located almost directly across from a bus stop, making it easy to watch for buses that may be coming or going, as you plan for visiting other villages nearby. Bellagio, arguably the most popular village on the lake, is only a 20-minute drive from Nesso.

Boats in Nesso

Note: Buses stop running around 7 pm, so be careful not to miss the last one, or you could be in for a pricey taxi ride...

The hotel is also directly beside a key path that leads down to the water where you will find the highlight of Nesso, a Romanesque bridge made of stone, known as the Ponte della Civera. From this bridge, you can view the beautiful Orrido di Nesso (the famous Nesso Gorge), one of the more notable natural wonders found around the Lake.

Hanging out by the water with a view of Ponte della Civera

If you continue down the same path you took to get to the bridge, you will find the ferry port. It is very small, with only a couple of ferries per day, so be sure to pay attention to the schedules! That being said, you will not encounter the crazy crowds and lineups like in Bellagio or Como. We took the ferry from Nesso to Como on our final day, to grab the train back to Milan, and not only did we not experience any lineups, we got pretty well first choice at seating – meaning, we actually got to enjoy the back of the boat in the sunshine — WIN 🤩

Enjoying the harbour to ourselves


Our room was beautiful and well equipped with a TV, private bathroom (and bidet), and free WiFi. The room was spacious and comfortable and also had a side kitchenette. The biggest highlight for us however, was the furnished terrace that overlooked the lake, with some of the most beautiful and peaceful views I have ever seen! The design was simple, but I had zero complaints about the room or the comfort of our stay.

Breakfast with a view from our balcony

Hotel and Amenities

While the bar and dining room were under renovation during the time of our stay, we were not inconvenienced in any way. The staff made sure that we had access to local coffee bars and snack shops and were very kind. That being said, I’m more than tempted to make a return trip to this hotel just to enjoy the newly renovated lounge, on-site bar, and restaurant which, again, features stunning views from a terrace overlooking the Lake!

Hotel on-site bar: Image taken from

The hotel is quiet and very private because of the nature of the small village. As there are not many options for hospitality in Nesso, this location is sure to give you some peace and quiet away from the crowds while still allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Lake.

The hotel also has free parking and is pet friendly!

Hotel terrace and restaurant: Image taken from


I would completely recommend a stay at La Cascata Lake Como. From the friendly and hospitable staff, to the charming setting, the peace and quiet, and the breathtaking views, this spot is a hidden gem that ought to be enjoyed with a bottle of prosecco and some fine Italian meats and cheese! If you’re out on the Lake looking for a ‘wild’ time, this probably isn’t your dig. But, if you’re looking for an affordable location and a bit of peace and quiet from the crowds of tourists, along with some private breathtaking views? This is your spot.

Waiting for sunrise from our balcony

Note: The period of our visit was the end of May-early June, so this would be considered peak season! And we still had these views to ourselves 😍

Let me know if you’ve been to Nesso in the comments below, or if there are any other hidden hotel gems around the Lake that deserve some recognition too!

Views from our balcony
Sailing away on Lake Como

Happy venturing!

Lily x

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