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My Favourite Hats for Travel

One glance at my Instagram feed will tell you that I love hats. They’re the perfect accessory to complete an insta-worthy outfit, they help shield us from the elements, and can also help hold off ‘hair wash day’ for just a little bit longer. 😉

Monroe Rancher - Gigi Pip

With so many shops and styles to choose from, I thought I’d pull together a mini guide of my favourite go-to hats, including my favourite places to shop.

So, without further ado, here are my favourite hats for travelling!

Straw Hats & SPF Sun Protective Hats

Think European summers and beach days, sunshine and sundresses... sun hats are cute and practical. Some, like the R2 Medium Brim Raffia Hat by Tilley Endurables, even provide added sun protection, rated UPF 50+. I also love that Tilley stands behind the quality of its products with a lifetime warranty. Other favourites of mine are The Spencer Boater hat by Lack of Color and the Capri Medium hat by Gigi Pip.

The Spencer Boater - Lack of Color

Capri Medium - Gigi Pip

See something you like from Gigi Pip? Shop through my referral code and we will both earn loyalty cash!

Toques / Beanies

Extra Fine Merino Toque - Tilley Endurables

Cozy chic and après-ski vibes all day long, these hats are the perfect addition to any winter holiday. On top of keeping you warm, I love how easy they are to pack! They're also a fun way to add a pop of colour to your look. Merino wool is my favourite fabric for this style, but a good chunky knit also deserves its moment.

Felt Hats

A stiff and well-structured felt hat may very well be my favourite type of hat. They add a whimsical and boho vibe to any outfit and always standout in photographs. While there are multiple shapes you can go for, I find a teardrop crown to be incredibly flattering. My favourite felt hats are the ones from Gigi Pip.

Monroe Rancher - Gigi Pip

Dahlia Boater - Gigi Pip

Zephyr Rancher - Gigi Pip

Baker Boy Caps

A style that was popular in North America and Europe among boys and men in the early 20th Century, this chapeau has taken on a whole new vibe these days. These vintage caps pair beautifully with a cozy sweater in the city.

AE Baker Boy Cap - American Eagle

James Felt Cap - Gigi Pip

How to travel with a hat

There are several ways you can help to protect your hats while travelling so they don't become damaged or lose their shape.

  • Use a hat clip to attach your hat to the outside of your backpack or carry-on.

  • Stack and set your hat(s) upside down inside your luggage, fill them with socks, undergarments, rolled-up shirts, or other soft, mouldable items, and pack remaining items around the outside.

  • If you have room, you can use a hat box to store your hats. There will also be space for other treasures you pick up during your travels.

Do you have any favourite hats for travel? Please share in the comments below!

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